I am a 23-year-old female living in the Chardon area and looking for HPC/Respite help. I am sweet, funny, caring, and self-sufficient. Auditory Supervision and meal prep are my highest needs. Respite would need to be in my family home. We do have a small dog that the I can take care of.

Dates would be one overnight during the week in June, likely a 5pm start through mid-day the following day (date to come) and August 3rd (5p start) - August 6th (mid-day). If you are interested in either or both HPC/Respite opportunities, my family would like to set up visits ahead of time for everyone’s comfort. This would be paid for through Metzenbaum Foundation funds



I'm 52-year-old male on an I/O waiver that lives with family in the Chagrin Falls area. I am looking for a provider, preferably male, for activities such as the YMCA, car shows, dining out, movies etc. and doctor appointments. I am looking for 5-10 hours of services per week. I look forward to hearing from you!



I am a 23-year-old female, on a Level One Waiver, residing in the Chagrin Falls area with my parents. I’m looking for a later afternoon and/or weekend HPC provider with common interests to take me out on an occasional to be determined basis. I enjoy being active, participating in Cross Fit, arts and crafts activities, exploring national parks, going to art/history museums, photography, etc. I look forward to hearing from you!



I am a 32 year old female seeking Female Independent Providers. I live in my own apartment in the Chardon area with 24/7 supports. I am visually impaired, but despite this, I am very Independent in many ways! I am in need of some additional help in my home. Particularly during late evening/overnight hours (asleep shift) throughout the week. I also need help every other weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Exact times of schedule are flexible dependent on availability. I have a variety of interests, such as, arts and crafts, baking, and playing card games to name few! I would love to share more if you think you could help!! I look forward to meeting you!!



Hi, I am a 20 year old male living at home with my parents in the Auburn area. I can walk, require assistance with eating, hygiene, restroom and dressing. I’m friendly with no behavior issues. My mother is seeking a backup provider when primary provider is off or not available.



HPC Request

Individual is a 23-year-old male residing in Chagrin Falls. He is looking for HPC transportation to and from his bowling group on Sundays ( March 12, 19, 26, and April 2, 16, 23, 30) Bowling starts at 1:45pm and ends at 4pm, it would be approximately 40 miles round trip.


Courtesy Post Lake County 02014-HPC-Level One Waiver

Individual is in need of HPC provider for “respite” opportunities for guardian. Guardian is interested in long weekend stay at providers home or their home.

This individual is a 24-year-old verbal male. He is ambulatory and spends time at guardian’s boyfriend’s home in the Burton area. He currently has up to 4 hours of alone time at home. He likes working on his computer, reading, watching WWE wrestling, and going out to eat. He enjoys surfing YouTube videos on the web, going to Monster hockey games, playing with his nickel collection, swimming, and walking at the park. He likes to go to the library, to thrift stores (to buy used computers), to restaurants, Round 1 and Circle K. He likes to go to football stadium stands and explore as well as movie theater stands.



Courtesy Post Lake County - 01023 – PD HPC – SELF WAIVER

 This individual is a 20-year-old who lives in Madison with his father. He needs a consistent and structured routine and thrives with a written schedule.  He likes to know what he’s going to be doing and likes to be engaged with his preferred activities.  He is very friendly and enjoys having someone to talk with and wants to access the community more.


Courtesy Post Job and Family Services 2023-1

 JFS is looking for respite for a 15 year old female who lives in Newbury.

The hours would be about 11 hours per week, likely on a Saturday. Respite can take place in her home or in the provider’s home. There are also 3 other children in the home, but they do not need any respite.

She can instigate, be argumentative or be aggressive when angry (but in recent months that aggression is more of her leaving the room or shoving someone out of the way to leave the room). Her instigating behaviors are seen more toward peers who are younger than she is. (If care was in the home, they may see more of those behaviors since her brothers would be present as well and she has 3 brothers (age 10,10, and 16). If the visits were out of the home, she would be less likely to show behaviors, but could also become upset that she has to leave the home while her brothers stay home so I don’t know if that would cause a reaction from her.

She’s pretty girly overall, she LOVES putting fake nails on, or painting her nails and makeup, or trying out hairstyles. She also loves video games. She is very good at drawing and doing art. She’s very creative.  She also enjoys going to the YMCA and swimming.

Family and Children First Counsel will be paying for this respite. The provider would need to be willing to become a local vendor through the Geauga County Auditor if they are not already.


* Updated 2022-16 

Provider requested for a 23-year-old male with Autism in Chagrin Falls area- IO Waiver.  

Ideal candidate: EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS, multi-tasks, consistent, pays attention to details, quick learner, physically fit, patient, sense of humor, able to deliver positive methods of teaching/supervision, must be team player, prompt, reliable, tough but happy demeanor. This job is extremely focused on moving young man (23 yrs) with autism forward in achieving independence. He is living at home with natural supports who are very involved. Family is actively searching for a job for him. Provider(s) needed for at home and for help in the workplace. Full time preferred but also willing to hire several part time individuals. 



A 21-year-old female from South Russell is seeking provider assistance at her volunteer job at UH-Geauga Hospital in Chardon. The days are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. — 1:30 p.m. The start date is February 22nd, 2023. She is also in need of transportation between her home and UH. This individual is on a Level One waiver. She benefits from someone being able to support her if she gets stressed or anxious. 



I am a 28 year old young man who lives in Bainbridge in a condo with my cat.  I need some overnight staff from Tuesday to Thursday (3 nights) beginning early January.  Some PRN coverage and weekend opportunities may also be available.  I need supervision and help keeping my condo clean. 



Hello, I am a 23-year-old male who lives in an apartment behind my family's home in the Chagrin Falls area. I am on the Autism spectrum, I work full time, but on my time off I like to get out and do things. I enjoy being physically active, dining out, going to Chagrin Falls and other parks. I am also a big move and tv show guy, and know a lot about a variety of shows!  I would enjoy having someone to work with on my days off on Wednesday and Sundays for a few hours, as well as Thursday evenings to help me with odds and ends, like prepping my dinner. Services would be funded through my IO waiver. I look forward to hearing for you! 


Courtesy Post Lake County 11008 – NMT – IO Waiver

This individual is a 50 year old male who resides in Painesville. He is looking for NMT to be transported to and from his day program.  He attends five days a week and the round trip is approximately 20 miles.


Courtesy Post Lake County 11005 – HPC – Level One Waiver

This individual is a 31-year-old male who resides in Painesville.  He is looking for HPC services starting with once a week with the potential for increase later for socialization and community access.  Up to 5 hours per week, times to be determined.



I am a 49 y/o female in the Chesterland area (IO waiver) looking for a Provider needed for in home supports. Hours are flexible but I’m looking for timing around 6-9p, Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday evenings and every other weekend 6 hrs in the morning and 2-3hrs in the evenings or a combination of 9-11hrs in a row on the e/o weekend. I use a wheelchair/hospital bed and I would need help transferring, eating, toileting, bathing, etc. I live with my sister and niece who need some relief. If any of these days/times work for you, but not all, that’s ok too! Any help is appreciated!


Courtesy Post Ashtabula County #1

Female with IO waiver requires extensive nursing 1:1 services, during the hours of 9am-3pm Monday – Friday. Services would be rendered at Grape Escape Adult Program in Geneva Ohio beginning November 1st, 2022. Looking forward to hearing from you!




I am a 27 year old female that is looking for a HPC provider.  I am in need of housing and a provider as I’m currently living in temporary housing.  I’m currently looking for a new Day Service to attend as well but would eventually like to work part-time somewhere.  I require 24/7 staffing with OSOC at night; however, I do have 5 hours of Alone Time with my boyfriend 1x per week.  Support is needed with some ADL’s – bathing and personal hygiene.  Support is also needed with grocery shopping and household tasks.  I look forward to hearing from you!!



Hi. I’m a 22y/o male, not on a waiver, living in Chesterland seeking a provider. My family would like to meet with a provider and work with them on planning ahead for some evenings when I need some help. Services would include HPC for light help around the house and meal prep. I like to talk, watch sports and I enjoy being social.



Hello, I am a 22-year-old female who lives with my family in Chagrin Falls. I am on the Autism spectrum and work full-time, but after work I appreciate getting out as much as possible to explore and experience new places. I enjoy being physically active as well as going shopping and dining out. I’m a talented artist and design hand-drawn note cards. I’m also learning to cook. Maintaining a schedule is very important to me. I am sometimes prone to sensory overload when I’m around loud or chaotic situations. I would really enjoy having a new friend to spend time with one or two evenings a week (up to 5 hours/week). Someone who is young or young-at-heart would be the ideal provider, but I am open to anyone who would share some of my interests. Services will be funded through my Level 1 waiver



I am a 52-year-old female, not on a waiver, living independently in Chardon who is currently partially incapacitated due to a broken wrist. I am in need of a temporary HPC provider (up to 6 hours/week) to assist with housecleaning, shopping, picking up medications, and supervision while I shower to prevent slips/falls. I may also need occasional assistance with personal hygiene. Services are needed for approximately 4-6 weeks. I am a smoker and have two dogs in my apartment. I look forward to hearing from you!



Hi. I’m an 11-year old male with Autism looking for some extra provider help for my family in the Chagrin Falls area. I am on an IO waiver. We are looking for help on the weekends from 11a-4p. Tasks would include some various play activities inside and outside throughout fall with a very fun, active boy!

I can give additional information if needed/interested! Look forward to hearing from you!



I am a female, not on a waiver, in need of a temporary transportation provider to get to/from work. I live in Chagrin Falls and work at UH Geauga Hospital in Chardon, a distance of about 15 miles. I work Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-2:00. My family and I would appreciate any help, especially with the morning drop-offs. Provider does not have to commit to doing all trips. Provider should already be established as a vendor with Geauga County since this is expected to be a temporary service until a permanent transportation service can be found.



I am a 40 year old fun-loving and personable guy, living in my own condo in Middlefield.  I enjoy meeting new people, trying new things, going on outings and, when the weather is bad, I enjoy staying home to play games, and work on crafts and puzzles.  I have providers to help me with household chores, laundry, meal preparation, shopping, and to take me places.  If you are interested in a daytime, weekday job, up to 40 hours, please respond. 



Hi, I’m a wonderful lady who lives in Chagrin Falls (near 306 and E. Washington) who is looking for someone to take me out to dinner, community events, trips to the park as well as shopping. I’m very sweet, have a great personality and enjoy the company of others. I’m hoping to go out 1-3x/week in the afternoons (after 3pm) as well as any time on the weekends since I work M-F 9-2.



I am a 36 year old female. I live with my family in Huntsburg. I am a very loving and sweet person. I need assistance in all daily living. I enjoy music and being read too and I am very social.  I am non verbal and I love having someone all to myself. I’m looking for someone every other Saturday (I’m flexible with the times) anywhere from 8-12 hours . I would like someone a few nights a week, but are willing to get whatever I can. My house is clean, non smoking and pet free.



I am a 42 year-old male looking for a provider to help get me out into the community in the early evenings and weekends. I have an IO Waiver and live in Parkman with my mom. I'm looking for someone 2-3 days/week, for a couple hours each day, maybe a little longer if it's a Sat. or Sun.

I enjoy visiting the library, going to parks, listening to music, or just hanging out with someone new. I am legally blind but learn new surroundings very quickly. It would be best to work with me 1:1, at least at the beginning. I am a friendly, easy-going guy that enjoys meeting new people.



I am 26-year-old female that lives with my family in the Chesterland area. I am seeking a provider for some respite in my home with Adult Daily Living assistance, as well as opportunities for outings in the community. I am verbal but can be a little shy at first. I am a very friendly girl and love talking about things I enjoy. I enjoy swimming at the Metz pool, going to thrift stores, watching YouTube videos, singing songs and home and community activities. My family is very involved in my day-to-day needs, but a little help is always great! As far as days/hours, I am open to any type of schedule during the week! I look forward to meeting you!



Hello! I am a 65 year old male that lives in the Chagrin Falls/Auburn area. I’m looking for a provider to go out with me to the movies or visit Chagrin Falls. I love Cleveland sports and would love to get to some games, Cavs, Browns, and Guardians too. I like going out to eat or for a coffee and people watch and really, I just want to have someone to have fun with. I do have a wheelchair and I can get into a minivan, or some cars and front seats are always best. I work during the day but an evening a week and weekends would be great. I look forward to meeting you!


2022- 18

I am a 34-year-old female and I live on my own in my Chardon apartment. My family is important to me and are a great support for me. I am social person and enjoy cooking, county music, making art and being a part of the conversation and I like walking in the parks. I need someone to help me to make dinner, do laundry, or enjoying an outing or activity. I do need my provider to help with safe social interactions in the community. I need an independent provider(s) on the following days; Wednesdays, Fridays Saturday, and Sundays from 4pm -9pm. A female provider is preferred. Looking forward to hearing from you.



I am a 24-year-old male living in my family’s Chagrin Falls home. I would love to get out in the community to be a spectator at a sporting activity, see a movie or enjoy a dinner out. I am mobile but need low impact activities. I would like to get out up to once every week or at minimum, monthly and hours are flexible. I look forward to hearing from you!



I am a 23-year-old female that lives with my family in Chagrin Falls. I am looking to receive Nursing Services. I am petite and dependent on others for mobility and assistance in all areas of my daily life. I love music, being sung and read to as well as getting out in the community. I need nursing services on weekdays (up to 30 hrs/week) with occasional hours also available on weekends. The schedule is negotiable as all help will be welcome.

I am a 24 year old male that lives in the Newbury area and needs HPC services in my family’s home. I enjoy painting and creating artwork in various medias. I also enjoy programs, music and movies on my iPad or T.V. I can walk but have recently needed prompting and encouragement. My needs include assistance with most daily living activities such as dressing, eating, laundry, getting to the restroom and general supervision. Up to 30 hours per week, negotiable between my mom and provider.
I am a 40 year old fun-loving and personable guy, living in my own condo in Middlefield.  I enjoy meeting new people, trying new things, going on outings and, when the weather is bad, I enjoy staying home to play games, and work on crafts and puzzles.  I have providers to help me with household chores, laundry, meal preparation, shopping, and to take me places.  If you are interested in spending 3 Friday evenings a month (4PM to 10PM) and/or every other Monday evening (4PM to 10PM) being my buddy and having fun, while helping me prepare and clean-up supper.