I'm a hardworking 34-year-old guy in Chardon looking for short term assistance cleaning and building positive cleaning habits. I'm looking for help with keeping up on chores at my new apartment - things such as regularly doing laundry, properly folding clothes, and putting food away safely regularly. I'm looking to build up my self-reliance so I am seeking help once or twice a week to help clean while also learning how to do it myself so I can be more independent. Schedule is flexible. Thank you!



22-year male lives with parents in Chardon is looking for HPC services 3x's per week, 2:30 to 4p. He is bright and engaging but will need patience in communication. He enjoys going for walks, YouTube and Mickey Mouse. Funding thru Metz foundation. 



Seeking Provider(s) to work out of family home in Chagrin Falls area with a 24 year old male.

The ideal candidate(s) for this position would include:

  • Certified, or willing to become certified, in crisis intervention strategies, implementing visual supports and routines
  • Knowledge and/or background in working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum
  • Assistance with morning routine, breakfast, and general hygiene needs 
  • Flexibility in schedule and hours is a must
  • Weekday morning hours with option to transport to day program
  • Opportunities for weekend hours
  • Puzzles, legos, anything involving trains, youtube videos, community activities. Etc..



41-year-old male lives in the Burton area. Wants a male HPC provider on some Saturdays for community access. He is looking for some "Guy Time", talking about sports, getting some takeout or maybe even a Captains game from time to time.



A young (Bainbridge area) man in his twenties needs an enthusiastic/energetic - preferably female HPC or Residential Respite provider to take him out in the community to go places and do things.  He also needs encouragement and assistance to do some things at home as well.  This young man is physically able to do anything he is interested in but due to Autism, has minimal speech and benefits from a cheery voice to motivate him to do things in a fun way.  Schedule is negotiable with hours available from 12 - 4o per week.  Please reach out for more details and answers to any questions that you may have.  



A young (Chagrin Falls area) man in his twenties needs an outgoing, preferably male HPC provider to take him out in the community to go places and do things.  He is especially interested in sporting events.  This young man is mobile but has limited endurance for health reasons so being a sports fan rather than player is important.  Schedule is negotiable but would like to go on an outing up to twice a month.  Please reach out for more details and answers to any questions that you may have.  



Nurse needed:  A young (Chagrin Falls area) woman needs IO Waiver Nursing in her family home.  Schedule:  Tuesday afternoons, 4pm-7pm;   Wednesdays 7am-7pm (Is the most needed day);  and Friday afternoons, 4pm-7pm.  Please reach out for more details and answers to any questions that you may have.  



This request is for an individual in her mid 30’s who is about received a GMHA housing voucher and would like to move out of her family home in the Thompson area into her own apartment. She enjoys cooking and baking but will need prompting and assistance with completing household chores.  She enjoys going out to eat for pizza and subs, loves watching the Cleveland sports teams and likes bowling and horseback riding.  Family would like to build a team of independent providers for her to receive 24 hour staffing initially, with OSOC at night, which might then fade to include alone time once stabilized.  She responds well to a firm but loving approach.  Please reach out to be considered for an interview.



Hello, I am a 23-year-old male who lives in an apartment behind my family's home in the Chagrin Falls area. I am on the Autism spectrum, I work full time, but on my time off I like to get out and do things. I enjoy being physically active, dining out, going to chagrin falls and other parks. I am also a big movie and tv show guy, and know a lot about a variety of shows!  I would enjoy having someone to work with on my days off on Wednesday and Sundays for a few hours during the day, as well as during the  evenings to help me with odds and ends, like prepping my dinner. Services would be funded through my IO waiver. I look forward to hearing for you!