2024 – 34   5/22/2024
Client in Chardon needing a ride to/from Geauga Hospital on June 1, 2024. Individual is locally funded.
2024 – 33   5/21/2024
Hello! I am a 19-year-old male living in the Chagrin Falls area with my family and am looking for a provider to work with at least 1x/month with the potential of more hours in the future. I would like a provider who can help to connect me with social opportunities out in the community and someone who can provide me with to/from transportation to these events. I am an active young man who enjoys golfing and working out; however, I am interested in working with a provider who can help me pick up new hobbies.
**These services would be funded through the Metzenbaum Foundation Family Home Based Support (FHBS) funds**
2024 – 32   5/20/2024
Individual residing in Newbury is seeking a new provider for 24/7 care. Individual has about 3 hours of unsupervised time. Individual uses a wheelchair and a Hoyer lift for toileting needs. The provider must be trained in operating a Hoyer lift. The individual works 20 hours per week at Auburn Career Center for the front desk and has many interests. This individual is also seeking a provider for NMT services, but the provider must have a wheelchair accessible vehicle. The individual enjoys going out when he can if vehicle accommodations are available. His mom is his current care provider.
He likes socializing with his friends and family. He enjoys playing video games, listening to music, and listening to audiobooks. The individual enjoys going out shopping when he can and go to events on occasion
2024 – 31   5/15/2024
Gentleman in his 30s looking for HPC drop in services averaging 10-15 hours per week approximately 2pm-7pm in the West Farmington area. Activities would include hiking, going places such as the golf range, swimming and assistance with household tasks. Individual would prefer a male staff.
2024 – 30   5/14/2024
Family looking for help one-on-one aid for son: 5 year old boy is diagnosed with ADHD and scheduled for an evaluation for autism.  Most of his aggression is at home and directed towards his great grandma who adopted him.  His behaviors include swearing, hitting, spitting and throwing things.  He is also known to bang his head. His teachers have noted that he does better in a structured small group setting.  He loves to learn and be active.  Hiram House Camp has agreed to accept him, if he has a one-on-one aid. His team is looking for an aid for camp Monday-Friday June 10th-August 9th.  The aid will be paid by funds from Geauga County Job and Family Services



2024 – 29   5/9/2024

Hello! I am a 37 year old male and live in Chardon with my parents. I am looking for some HPC help in the morning - someone (male or female) to help me when I get up in the morning with my tube feed, personal hygiene (bath and teeth brushing), getting dressed, and then into my wheelchair. Even though I have a small body frame, a lift is used when I am bathing. I would also enjoy someone to talk to and possibly get me outside for a walk around my allotment or just sitting on the deck. I am looking for someone 3 days a week/4 hours each day (8a-12p). I communicate through my communication device, am always smiling, and I like to joke around and have fun.


2024 – 28   5/9/2024

Young man in his 30’s seeking an HPC provider for drop-in services. Individual lives in the Chesterland area. Individual is looking for someone to join in fun activities such as board games, movies, going out to dinner and swimming. Evening and weekend hours are preferred.


2024 – 27   (Susan) 5/9/2024

I am a 22-year-old man living in the Chesterland area. My family is looking to fill about 24 hours weekly. These hours would be used getting me back and forth to my therapy sessions and getting me out in the community. My parents will supply the vehicle. 

If you are looking for a fun job, and making easy money while making my life better, contact my SSA! If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out, I look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy your day!


2024 – 26   5/6/2024

Four women in Chesterland share a supported living home and are seeking a new agency provider for HPC & OSOC services 24 hours/7 days per week.  Two are on-line college students therefore, home most days and the other two have some employment,  hab. activities, and volunteer tasks several days per week.  All these ladies love to get out and be active in the community.  Trips to the YMCA, parks, restaurants, movies, library visits, and more are very desirable.  One lady requires use of a modified van to accommodate her wheelchair. They are fairly independent at home but do need supports for meal planning, shopping, and basic home cleaning.  All LOVE to cook but need some supervision and occasional instruction.  They need some assistance to manage medications and support to make healthy food choices.  The best option will be for an agency that can provide staff who are able to drive and help these ladies access the activities they love in the community on a regular basis.


2024 – 25   4/25/2024

There is a young woman in the Chargin Falls area on an IO waiver is seeking PDN nursing services in her family home.  She currently has 60 hours/week approved for 7:00 AM-7:00PM, Mon-Friday, and one nurse who works about half those hours.  She is willing to be flexible working out hours with an incoming nurse.  Please reach out with interest and questions and thank you


2024 – 24   4/25/2024

Respite care is being requested for two non-verbal boys with autism, ages 15 and 8, at their home in Bainbridge. Help is needed during after-school hours 2-3 days per week and, if possible, full days when they are off from school. A weekend night here and there would be ideal. The days are flexible. Responsibilities would include watching the boys, making their meals for them, and helping them with household things.

The 15-year-old uses diapers for bowel movements but uses the toilet for urinating so he'll need his diaper changed. He needs watched constantly and needs one-on-one help with most things. He will have down time where he sits on the couch or plays in his room calmly but for the most part he needs someone close by.  He uses an iPad to help him communicate. Tantrums are possible, which can include crying, screaming, hitting, or kicking the walls, etc. He is usually able to be redirected or will calm down on his own.

The 8-year-old is also diagnosed with CVS and PANDAS. He is currently in the process of potty training. He is using  a lot of words lately but also has an iPad to help him communicate. He loves watching movies and TV shows on his iPad.

Both boys are very kind, loving, and caring. They love laughing and hugs.

Please also note that  the boys are not on waivers but we would pay you the waiver-equivalent rate through the Geauga County Board of DD's Family and Home Based Supports program. You would just need to be set up as a vendor if you aren't already. Thank you.


2024 – 23  (Lake County) 4/22/2024

Individual is a 17 year old male with autism who will soon turn 18.  He previously resided in a congregate setting but then moved back home for a while.  He hopes to move out again independently or with a roommate soon.  The family would like to identify a congregate setting with a provider that can meet his needs.  Individual is fully verbal and ambulatory and able to advocate for himself.  He can be resistant to participating in services but is more likely to participate if he has formed a positive rapport with his staff.  He can be frustrated by power struggles and will typically leave the home to take a walk and cool down if he feels the need. He is able to navigate the community safely and has a phone if he gets lost.


2024 – 21   4/16/2024

Provider requested for a 24-year-old male with Autism in the Chagrin Falls area - IO Waiver.

This job is focused on keeping a young man (24 yrs) with autism moving forward in achieving independence. He is living at home with natural supports who are very involved. He has good adapted living skills and is adept with chores around the home. He enjoys writing out lists to purchase items at grocery store, works out in the community, enjoys swimming, bowling, hikes, and riding his bike.

Ideal candidate must have excellent communication skills, multi-tasks, consistent and pays attention to details, quick learner, physically fit, patient, sense of humor, able to deliver positive methods of teaching/supervision, must be team player, prompt, reliable, tough but happy demeanor. Family appreciates providers who are punctual. Family is actively searching for a job in his community for him. Provider(s) needed for at home and for help in the workplace. Full-time preferred but also willing to hire several part-time individuals.

(The provider hired will be surrounded by support from the family, as well as other experienced independent providers that have been working in the home anywhere from 2-10yrs.) Thank you!


2024 – 20  4/16/2024

Provider requested for a 23-year-old male with Autism in the Chagrin Falls area - IO Waiver. 

I am a friendly (23 year) man with autism. Looking for a provider to help M-F from 8:30-5 with needs in the home and in the workplace. I live at home with natural supports who are very involved.  

Ideal candidate must be consistent and pays attention to details, quick learner, sense of humor, able to deliver positive methods of teaching/supervision, must be team player, prompt, reliable, happy demeanor. Family appreciates providers who are punctual- provider hired will be surrounded by support from the family, as well as other experienced independent providers that have been working in the home anywhere from 2-10yrs.


2024 – 20   4/11/24

Family in Chardon seeking help for son: 13 year old boy who experiences Down syndrome and Autism. This combination of diagnoses makes him extra unique and fun. He loves to copy sounds and movements, so music, dancing, and yoga are some of his favorite things. He is the best Uno player you will ever meet. Needs support in all areas of his daily life, staying safe in the community, and communicating with others. His gentle and always silly demeanor make him a joy to be around. Family is seeking an experienced respite provider 1-2 shifts per month. Services would be locally funded.


2024 – 18  (Lake County) 

Male individual wanting to relocate to Portage County, Ravenna area, from Lake County to be closer to family for increased supports. Total Assistance with all ADLs including personal hygiene tasks such as showering and changing adult diaper, meal preparation (he currently also receives home-delivery meal service), laundry, routine errands, and shopping. No Intellectual Disability, motorized wheelchair - dependent with total transfer assistance needed. He prefers to live alone, as he does now in a one-bedroom accessible apartment. Alone Time: Home: Up to 14 hours, Community: Up to 8 hours Supervision levels: Home and Community: General Supervision.


2024 -17  

IO Waiver Nurse needed for toddler in her family home in the Montville area.  Tasks include maintaining G-tube feedings, respiratory suctioning, diapering, and more.



59 year old female that lives in an apartment in Chardon.  She is delightful to be around.  She enjoys watching TV, doing arts and crafts, crocheting, watching movies, reading and listening to music.

She has limited mobility skills and will need assistance with moving around her apartment when needed (going to the bathroom or getting in/out of bed)—transfers to stand with a gait belt.  She gets in and out of her bed with a molift.  She will also require assistance with preparing her meals and some cleaning around her place.

She has a flexible schedule and it looking primarily for evenings (3:00pm- 9:00pm- flexible) and weekends (between 8:00am- 9:00pm- flexible).



I'm a 27 year old individual living in Chagrin Falls. I'm looking for someone to take me to activities in the area. I like going to workout, watch Marvel movies, try different restaurants, and stay active at Metzenbaum Events. I like to make plans in advance. Ideally, I'd want to hang out for 1-2 days a week for a few hours each week. My funding source is my IO waiver.



Hello, I am a 24-year-old female living in the Chagrin Falls area with my family. I am looking to work with a reliable female provider who can help encourage me to be social while participating in community outings. I am an active individual who enjoys shopping, going to restaurants, working out, going to the park, and exploring what Geauga and surrounding counties have to offer. I also enjoy reading, cooking, learning new recipes, and creating and sharing my artworks. Thank you in advance and if you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out.



Hello, I am a 27-year-old female living with my family in the Middlefield area and am looking to work with a provider. I would like a reliable and patient female provider who can take me on outings in the community, hang out with me at home, and provide me with some encouragement to branch out beyond my comfort area as I do tend to get a bit anxious when leaving the house. I do enjoy going to the park, swimming, playing basketball, doing arts and crafts activities, participating in activities hosted in the community, and going to the library, however, I would be open to learning more about available opportunities in the community. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out! Thanks so much.