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Individual Spotlights

Mark's Story

As the “Staple of Middlefield,” Mark is everyone’s friend and people will stop to talk to him or wave as they pass him walking around town. He celebrates his independence and isn’t afraid to try new things. He brings positivity wherever he goes, including to his job at Pizza Hut.

Watch to learn more about Mark and how he makes a difference in his community.

Christy's story

Christy may be the only person in the world who is excited for Mondays because she loves going to work! Christy brings joy and smiles to the people she helps every day through her work at Piece Unique Consignment and at the workshop at the Metzenbaum Center. Her co-workers love having her around the store to help with tasks and even helped make her prom dreams comes true.

Learn more about Christy, her work and her participation in the Special Olympics by watching this video.

DJ's Story

Always in the best mood, DJ can help brighten anyone’s day with his laugh or smile. Born with Fragile X, he’s been attending Metzenbaum since he was 7 years old and has been working in the community since he turned 16. He has an amazing quality of life and has won an award for perfect attendance at his latest job, Café Michaels.

Find out more about DJ, his work ethic and why his boss wished there were more employees like DJ in this video.

Vince's Story

It took a while, but Vince has found his niche at home and at work. With the help of his job coach, he accomplishes every task that he is assigned at the barn. Vince has a knack for working with animals and the manual labor that comes along with his volunteer job at the barn. He is a strong worker and happily greets everybody he meets when at the barn.

See more about how Vince started his job at the barn and why his father is so proud of his success in this video.

Pete's Story

The program at the Metzenbaum Center has allowed Pete to shine! It also gives his family peace of mind knowing that he is in a safe place every day while he is out and about in the community. Pete has taught those around him to be more compassionate, more understanding and more grateful.

Find out what more you can learn from Pete and how the programming at the Metzenbaum Center helps him by watching this video.

Ben's Story

Ben is a happy, vibrant, little boy who happens to have Down syndrome. Being proactive, his parents have been working with staff from the Metzenbaum Center since before his birth. He began physical, speech and occupational therapy shortly after his birth with the Early Intervention department.

Find out more about Ben’s story and how he is thriving thanks to the center.

Chelsea's Story

With her infectious laugh and a heart of gold, Chelsea has made herself a part of the family at the Metzenbaum Center. She has taken every opportunity afforded to her through the center and has really thrived with the help of horseback riding.

Learn more about Chelsea and how the Metzenbaum Center has helped her make new friends and try new activities.

Play, Learn, and Grow

Under the umbrella of the Early Intervention Program, this program gives parents the ability to meet and socialize with each other while also bringing the children together for fun activities. While the children benefit from the safe place to play and be their natural selves, the parents benefit from the camaraderie and the support they get from each other.

Watch to learn more about the importance of the Play, Learn and Grow program.