Helping People Live, Learn and Earn in Our Community

Community Connections & Events

The purpose of this program is to integrate individuals served by the Board into their communities on a social basis. This program helps accomplish the GCBDD’s mission of helping people live fully in their own community. Below you will find the Geauga Happenings Calendar that outlines events occurring in and around Geauga County; flyers for programs and classes put on by the Board; a social opportunities List that outlines programs and activities around Geauga County; and instructions for the Metz Mentors program where we are looking for people to mentor our individuals.


Social Opportunities

This list includes programs and activities in and around Geauga County. They include adaptive and non-adaptive opportunities. If you need any help with anything on this list or have any questions please contact Janice Chesnes at 440-729-9406 ext. 1512 or



Metz Mentors

Are you a community member looking to enrich your life and the life of a person with a disability? Become a Metz Mentor! Metz Mentors are paired with a local individual by the Community Connections Coordinator, based on mutual interest and what each individual hopes to get out of the experience. Once paired together, the mentor will expose their partner to social opportunities with other community members.


How can you join Metz Mentors?

Joining Metz Mentors is easy! Contact Janice Chesnes, the Community Connections Coordinator, at 440.729.9406 ext. 1512, or at All that is required is a background check, which is done free of charge, and proof of insurance for driving purposes.


Join Metz Mentors and make a positive impact in the lives of local individuals!


Below is a list of people who would like to play video games with others in our community. Also below, is a form you can download and fill out to become a Geauga Gamer! Please be respectful and polite when you make contact with others. If you would like to be on this list please contact Janice Chesnes at 440.729.9406 ext. 1512, or at to give her your information.


Geauga Happenings

This calendar outlines events that are happening in and around Geauga County.  Please use this calendar to plan outings and events in our county.